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Outdoor Advertising Banners

Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist Outdoor Banner

Ace Banner | An image of an outdoor banner installed at First Church of Christ,

This is an example of an outdoor advertising banner, made using the applique process. The banner is anchored using top and bottom poles -- a popular way of installing banners. This banner was made for the Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist



Brgr Top and Bottom Outdoor Banners

Ace Banner

These two banners made for Brgr are examples of top and bottom banner pole installations. In these sorts of installs the banners are secured so that they don't move in the wind. The reduction in motion reduces the amount of weathering the banners receive and they often last longer.


Hewitt School Outdoor Banner

Ace Banner

This is an example of an angled outdoor advertising banner we made for The Hewitt School. The design was appliqued to the base nylon fabric.


Fashion Institute of Technology - Welcome Banners

Fashion Institute of Technology - Welcome Banners

This banner was manufactured for the Fashion Institute of Technology, to welcome new and returning students. We used a digital dye-sublimation process to make this banner, and it's a great example of how color can be used to grab someone's attention.

National Museum of the American Indian - Art Market Banner

NMAI - Art Market Banner - Exterior Wide

The National Museum of the American Indian hosted a special two day art event featuring the work of over thirty Native artists -- including paintings, jewelry, pottery and more.

Boy Scouts Banner - New Hyde Park

Boy Scout Troop 544 - New Hyde Park

We recently made a fence banner for Boy Scout Troop 544 of New Hyde Park, and they were kind enough to send us a picture of their banner being used. Ace Banner has a few employees who were Boy Scouts so making this particular banner was a real treat.

This banner is an example of an appliqued banner and is finished with grommets.

Barnes and Noble Outdoor Advertising Banner

Barnes and Noble Outdoor Advertising Banner

These appliqued banners were made for Barnes & Noble's Manhattan flagship store. You will notice that the top of the banner is angled to match the angle the pole. This differentiates the banner from a flag. A custom flag installed on the pole in this photo would be rectangular in shape (no angle on top) because flags are expected to wave in the breeze; whereas a banner is expected to move somewhat, but remain open and readable. This is why most flag designs are very simple -- a logo or seal of some kind, a simple bold message.

Advent Church - Top and Bottom Advertising Banners

Advent Church - Top and Bottom Advertising Banners

These series of vertical banners were made for Advent Church. These are nice examples of advertising banners in that they announce the location of the church, and they make a great use of color. The contrast here is excellent. These are also examples of kind of banner install called 'top-bottom' poles. Banners installed in this way don't move in the breeze, so they tend to last longer. These sorts of banners tend to be narrow.

New York Stock Exchange Banner

New York Stock Exchange Banner

This large horizontal banner announced a celebration of a listed company at the New York Stock Exchange.

1325 Top and Bottom Banner

1325 Banners Using Top and Bottom Poles

These appliqued banners are an example of using 'top and bottom poles' to secure the banners to a building. Most banners and flags use a simple outrigger setup which uses only one pole at the top of the banner.

Top and bottom pole installation cost more, but are suitable for longer banners that would not move well in the wind, or if you prefer a banner that requires less maintenance.

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