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Table Banners, Table Drapes, Table Covers, Table Skirts

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Set Your Stage

It doesn't matter if you're running a bake sale or heading to a trade show -- if your display has a table you must have a table banner. Similar to parade banners, the standard 'live area' of a table banner is 30 inches in height.

Table banners come in a number of possible configurations. Some are simply runners than are perhaps 2 to 3 feet in width, and run over the top of the table. Some of Ace Banner's client opt for a complete table drape, and others prefer that the banner cover just the front.

Most table banners are made of fabric, but vinyl can also be used if cost is an issue, or the banner will likely be used once, or very few times. For long-term use a fabric table banner is better because they wear better (they can be ironed) and can be washed.

When we make fabric table banners we use a special fabric that is wrinkle resistant and has a matte finish in order to reduce photographic 'flare'. A fabric table banner is also very easy to transport, folding or rolling down into a small package that weighs perhaps a pound.

How do they attach to the table? Well, if the table banner is designed to attach to the front of the table Ace Banner supplies special clear plastic clips that hold the banner in place. A disposable tablecloth can be thrown over the table, and then the table banner can be attached directly over it. The disposable tablecloth can absorb the inevitable coffee stains, spills and other mishaps, your custom table banner will be spared.

Insider Tip

Did you know that Ace Banner stocks all United Nations member nations? We also stock military, historical, state and religious flags too!

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