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Location, Location, Location

In an increasingly digitized and sometime inpersonal world the importance of a bricks-and-mortar location can't be forgotten. In major cities like New York City there's much business to be had by simple "walk-ins". In a city this diverse it doesn't matter how specialized your business might be -- someone is likely to walk into your business and investigate what you can do for them -- but only if they know you're there!

Also, a custom banner at your location becomes a landmark -- a mental guidepost for pedestrians. This is a great way to lay claim to the 'mental real estate' of potential clients. Ace Banner has a logo banner of our own at our factory, and once in a while we take it down for cleaning, and we have had clients who say that they became 'lost' when the banner was down; our banner had become a navigation point for them.

Custom banners share a common ancestry with flags and pennants, which throughout history have been symbols of pride. Banners are a great way to project your organization's persona. If you're proud of your organization (and you should be) then show everyone by displaying your own custom advertising banner.

Wouldn't it be great to tell new clients who are on their way to your offices for the first time to, "look for our banner, you can't miss us."?

Insider Tip

Did you know that Ace Banner stocks all United Nations member nations? We also stock military, historical, state and religious flags too!

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