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How do I take care of my custom flag or banner?

Our banners and flags are a combination of skilled workmanship and the highest quality materials available. But even the highest quality banner or flag (like any valuable item) will last longer if taken care of properly. The following steps can help prolong the life of your investment.

  • Protect Your Flag From Harsh Weather

When it rains, take the flag indoors whenever possible. The punishing whipping of high winds can damage even the sturdiest flag over time. But when a flag is wet (and heavier), the whipping becomes even more damaging.

  • Never Fold A Wet Banner!

Far too many people rush to follow the first rule, and dutifully take their banner or flag indoors, only to fold it up while it’s wet! This can cause discoloration in the flag and lead to mildew or rotting if left folded for an extended period of time. A wet fold can become a permanent crease. Let your banner dry on a clothesline, where it can dry evenly and quickly.

  • Dirt and Chemicals Will Damage Your Banner

Many common household chemicals can burn and discolor flag fabrics. Keep your flags away from them. And when a flag is soiled or dirty, you can launder with a mild detergent, and then allow it to air dry on a clothesline, or over a straight or flat surface.

  • Stop Rips and Tears in Their Tracks

If you notice a small rip or tear in your banner or flag, take steps to repair it immediately. Our flags are very durable, and can take some abuse, but a small rip left untended will eventually widen into a tear. Because our banners are constructed of high quality materials, they can very often be repaired for a nominal cost, compared to the cost of a new flag or banner. If your banner is starting to show signs of wear, contact our service department for help.

  • How Do I Clean My Banner or Flag?

It's alright to use a mild detergent, cool water, on a gentle cycle, to clean your flags or banners. In general, treat your banner like you would a valuable article of clothing - but never bleach or try to dry clean your flag or banner as the chemicals used can damage the banner. After washing, allow your banner to dry on a line, but never put them in the dryer. Also, if you wish to iron your banner or flag, do not use a hot iron. A warm iron on the back side of the banner will work. Flags that are intended for flying outside generally do not need ironing, since the wind itself works any folds or creases out of them eventually.

  • Check Your Flag Pole

Rusty flag poles are one of the chief causes of premature flag damage. The rusted metal can scrape and tear at the fabric of your flag, and even cause discoloration. If your flag or banner is ripped, be sure that it is not hitting anything (some examples are nearby tree branches, fire escapes, etc.) Even though we use the best fabrics, repetitive impacts with other, harder materials will eventually damage the fabric.

If you have a banner or flag that could benefit from some repair or a washing and would prefer that Ace Banner handle it, please contact our service department in NYC for pricing.


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