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FreshGrad Custom Table Runner

FreshGrad Table Runner and Retractable BannerAce Banner

FreshGrad is an online employment service / SaaS (software-as-a-service) that delivers the most accurate job connections through a proprietary psychographic profile that creates unique insight into each candidate’s true skills and personality.

The table banner shown here is called a 'table runner' because it does not cover the entire table. A black tablecloth is thrown over the table first. Behind the table is a retractable bannerstand. Some of the retractable bannerstands Ace Banner has available can be found on our retail site, here.

Thanks so much, Irene, for sharing your photos with us. We love seeing our work out in the field!

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FreshGrad Table Runner and Retractable Banner

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Did you know that Ace Banner stocks all United Nations member nations? We also stock military, historical, state and religious flags too!

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