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Table Banners

Columbia University Table Banner

Columbia University Table Banner - Ace Banner

This fabric table drape banner was manufactured for the Columbia University School of General Studies. Because it's made of fabric it can be cleaned and reused many times. This table drape was made to cover just the front and top of the table.


Braking AIDS Table Banner

Ace Banner

The following banner is an example of a table banner that extends over the top of the table, as opposed to just the front. This banner was digitally dye-sublimated onto a matte polyester fabric for Braking AIDS, a non-profit that organizes bike rides to raise money for AIDS research.


Saint Francis Prep School Parade Banner

Ace Banner

Thanks to Saint Francis Preparatory School

for sending us this great photo of their parade banner. The banner was dye-sublimated to fabric, and finished with a polehem on the top for carrying.


FreshGrad Custom Table Runner

FreshGrad Table Runner and Retractable BannerAce Banner

FreshGrad is an online employment service / SaaS (software-as-a-service) that delivers the most accurate job connections through a proprietary psychographic profile that creates unique insight into each candidate’s true skills and personality.

Doing Art Together Table Banner

Doing Art Together Table Banner Image

Doing Art Together (DAT) is a non-profit arts education organization that provides hands-on programs to under-served audiences. DAT's programs build skills that enhance the ability to learn and are easily transferred from the classroom to life.


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