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What size outdoor flag or banner is right for me?

For outdoor flags and banners the size usually depends on the size of your pre-existing pole, or if you need to have a new pole installed then it depends on what size poles your building can accomodate.

If you've got a ground-standing vertical flagpole, here are some guidelines:

Flagpole Height Recommend Flag Size

15' to 20'

25' 4'x6'
30' to 35' 5'x8'
40' to 45' 6'x10'
50' 8'x12'
60' to 65' 10'x15'
70' to 80' 12'x18'
90' to 100' 15'x25'

If you want to install a banner or flag on the side of your building on an angled pole, or outrigger style poles, then we'll either perform a site visit, or can estimate the size based on a photo of your building. Please contact us for details.


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