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What are the different ways that you finish your banners?

The final stage in a banner's construction is the finishing, which determines how a banner will be displayed. Prepare yourself for some industry jargon!


The edge of the banner substrate is turned over on itself and then sewn over with thread, to strengthen the edge of the banner. This can be done with fabrics or vinyls.


A reinforced metal ring that is pierced through the banner material. Layers of additional material may be placed underneath the grommet to make it stronger. The grommet is one of the most versatile ways to finish a banner as nearly anything can be used to fasten the banner if it can pass through the grommet.

Pole sleeves

Also called 'pole-hems' or 'pole pockets', these are similar to a hem, but extra material is added to the fold, to create a sleeve through which a pole can later be inserted. Poles sleeves offer one advantage over grommets -- a pole passed through the top of banner will keep the banner open and allow it drape without bowing in the middle.


For some banners it is necessary to simply cut the edges of the banner with a razor-knife and a straight-edge, to give the banner a clean look.

Backing or Interliner

Some banners (but rarely flags) are given a backing or interliner in order to make the banner more opaque. If a banner has image on both sides, an interliner is added to prevent light from passing through either side, and interfering with the other side of the banner. This is especially important for outdoor advertising banners. A backing is placed on a single-sided banner to make the fabric's colors more vibrant and to add extra body to the banner.


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