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Team Gigi is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to fund pancreatic cancer research. The non-profit was created in memory of Gigi Shanes-Hernandez by her daughter and husband.

To find out more about Team Gigi, or to donate to her cause, please visit her website here.

How long does it take to make a custom banner or flag?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on many variables, such as the type of project and the manufacturing method we use. Our standard turnaround time varies, but is usually 10-12 working days for a custom appliqued banner or flag. For vinyl banners our turnaround is usually 3-5 working days.

Does Ace Banner sell flags of the world?

Absolutely. Ace Banner sells flags of all United Nations member countries. We have other categories of flags for sales as well, like historical flags (Betsy Ross, for example), military flags, state flags and flags of nations that are not members of the United Nations. We sell the accessories needed to display the flags as well.

Ace Banner maintains a secondary website devoted to our stock items, which can be reached at:

Insider Tip

Did you know that Ace Banner stocks all United Nations member nations? We also stock military, historical, state and religious flags too!

Our retail items are available at


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